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October 1, 2013

What Kind of Teacher Do You Want? | Edutopia.

What a great question to ask your class.  Not only does it help build relationships early in the year, but it also allows you to differentiate your style to suit the needs of your students.  The question validates them as learners.  Plus, putting their answers (requests) up on the board or on a wall will remind you throughout the year of what you need to do to reach and teach your students.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    So true. If the student(learner) is the consumer, they should have a say in what kind of teacher they need. Imagine looking at it that way!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Anonymous, I agree with your comment to an extent. Students may not always like the kind of teacher they need. Ideally, the teacher students want and the teacher students need are one in the same, but sometimes hindsight shows students that a teacher taught them something unexpected or got more out of them than they believed they had.

    The consumer driven approach to learning has its positive and negative point. A good education should challenge assumptions and provide moments of ideological discomfort. I think of the consumer driven model of education a bit like eating at a restaurant. I go and pay for exactly what I want. If the chef sends out something he thinks I should really consider trying, but it’s not what I ordered (especially if I have an ideological difference of opinion about the dish), I have the right to be outraged and demand the situation be corrected. Too many consumers of education object to curricula or practices based on personal choice.

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