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Finding Passion

October 9, 2013

Love this! Teachers who pursue their passions come into class more motivated to teach. More importantly, when teachers integrate students’ passions into classroom activities – a type of osmosis occurs. The student’s own passion ignites the passion for the subject matter and learning happens.


This is my 15th year in education.  I have not regretted the path I have chosen.  This is what I was meant to do.  I found joy in teaching our future…preparing them to leave this world better than when they came in.  I now find joy in teaching teachers…helping guide them to get the best out of themselves and their students.

I do regret the direction education seems to be heading.  While I agree that testing and data collection has its place, I think we are going way overboard now.  We test…and collect…and test…and collect.  It seems our whole year is spent collecting and dis-aggregating data.  I do not understand how this does us any good.  We spend so much time testing, collecting, and dis-aggregating that there is no time left to do anything with the data!

Teaching is not solely about data.  It is an important piece,  but it…

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