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Essential Skills for Sixth Graders

November 4, 2013

This weekend, Joe Taraborrelli, a high school social studies teacher, posted on Twitter the following question: Can we come up w/ 20 skills that every history teacher ought to be cultivating in their classes?  I gave the question a lot of thought, and here is my list in order of importance for sixth grade students.

  1. Self-advocacy skills

  2. Active reading skills

  3. Executive functioning skills

  4. Technology skills

  5. Critical thinking skills

  6. Writing skills

  7. Interpersonal and collaboration skills

  8. Participation skills

  9. Test preparation skills

  10. Test taking skills

  11. Skills for supporting assertions with evidence

  12. Note taking skills

  13. Public speaking skills

  14. Critical listening skills

  15. Research skills

  16. Skills for making connections to both previously learned content and the present

  17. interpretation skills for timelines and map keys

  18. Concept mapping skills

  19. Skills to help students ask good questions

Number 20 is all yours.  What skill would you add?


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  1. Leanne permalink

    Self-worth and making mistakes is ok IF you learn from them and don’t keep making the same ones over and over again!

    • Great point. Being willing to fail and learning from your mistakes is something 6th graders need to work on… I’m gonna add that to the list. Thanks so much Leanne!

  2. Megan permalink

    Task Analysis!

    • Hi Megan – Thanks for joining the conversation. By task analysis – do you mean 1) the skill of understanding what the assignment/teacher is asking or 2) Being able to analyze one’s work?

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