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Technology in Education

November 8, 2013

Technology in Education

A great presentation by Greg Mertz about the benefits/challenges of technology in the classroom.  Timely and thought provoking.


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  1. TY for sharing – really good presentation.


  2. Thanks Tony! My friend’s presentation was timely and really got me thinking about technology. With all the time I have now that I’m not actively teaching everyday, I really want to invest some time to become a more tech savvy teacher. What some teachers are doing with tech is incredible and I want to use the time I have this year to learn new ways of engaging my students.

    Question – if you were to work on one aspect of technology what would it be? I noticed you’ve been spending a lot of time looking for apps to help you reach students. What advice would you give me on where I should focus my time and energies?

    • dadiletta permalink

      If I might jump in for Tony, I’d recommend looking for a system that would provide your students with a sense of ownership of their learning. Tools that inform students with a greater level of feedback and encouragement. Checkout It’d be great to read a review of ET on this blog. Let me know if that interests you and if I might help.

      • Dan – I just checked out Exit Ticket. It looks pretty cool. I will check it out more tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion.

      • dadiletta permalink

        Great! Let me know if you post up a review so I can send a link to our ~11k Facebook followers. Cheers

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