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7 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers Who Use Technology

January 28, 2014

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers Who Use Technology

Love this image from @Pintrest via tweet from @Socrative.  Every single one of these points is spot-on.


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  1. Number # 3 – I disagree. Embracing change is not the only catapult to progress. The stability inherent to traditions, customs, mores, has served to temper change simply for the sake of change – which this point seems to giddily accept. “Oh, we must do this because it represents change. And we all know that change is the key to progress.” Well, I’ll argue that many changes over the centuries have been deeply regretted by societies, and indeed, civilizations. Many changes have been atrocious blunders (see Prohibition). Other changes have historically proven to be laughable.

    • Eliot – Thanks for the comment. I agree that change is not always best. But when it is – it should be embraced. For example – I’ve been thinking all week about the power of the lecture and published a recent blog about it. But on Tuesday – I walked into a physics class that had embraced the flipped classroom model. There was no direct teaching during class – just a 10 minute lecture the night before. Some might have said that making such a change was a mistake. Yet – doing something different allowed the teacher the opportunity to spend more than 30 minutes of a period working one on one with his students. It was amazing to see and it was a change that I will be adopting myself. Why – because in this case – change is good.

      However – change for the sake of change is often a mistake.

  2. murrania permalink

    Nicely put!! I’ll be posting these 7 habits somewhere where I can constantly be reminded of them.

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