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Greek Alphabet – Lesson Plan

June 27, 2016

Lesson on Greek Alphabet


  • Learn about the Greek Alphabet
  • Compare Greek letters to our own letters.


  1. Welcome students to class.
  2. Start class with the game – This Way or That
    1. Students stand in the center of the room
    2. Using the Google Slide Presentation, students will see pictures of Greek letters
    3. They move to the left if the letter is the same (order and shape)
    4. They move to the right if the letter if different
    5. Explain why the letter is the same or different
  3. Four Stations
    1. Learn the Greek alphabet
    2. Worksheet – see below
    3. Video – Value of a written alphabet
    4. Translation Station – Greek dedication on an altar to Asclepius the Savior by the Roman consul Lucius Minucius Natalis (133–134 AD)
      1. Greek Writing
      2. Key on page 3
  4. Homework:
    1. Night 1 = Alpha – Theta
    2. Night 2 = Iota – Pi
    3. Night 3 = Rho – Omega


Mr. Qua Name
Greek Alphabet

  1. How many letters did the Greek alphabet have?
  2. What civilization did the Greeks “steal” from to form their own alphabet?
  3. Using Greek letters, write the word alphabet
    1. Alpha
    2. Bet
  4. Write the word Grafton Middle School
  5. Write your name



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