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Types of Nouns

July 8, 2016

For homework the night before:  Have students watch the following Youtube video and take notes on a sheet of paper (don’t forget name and date).  Your notes should contain the types of nouns and at least three examples for each type of noun.


Proper Noun Sharpie, Grafton, Cleveland Indians
Collective Noun herd, school (of fish), flock

Materials needed:

  1. Index Cards

Before Class

  1. Hang signs around classroom
    1. Common
    2. Proper
      1. Different sides
    3. Concrete
    4. Abstract
      1. Different sides
    5. Singular
    6. Plural
      1. Different sides
    7. Collective
    8. Compound
    9. Possessive
    10. Countable
    11. Uncountable
      1. Different sides
  2. Before class, have the following directions written on the board: Please write your first name in large CAPITAL LETTERS on the front of the card.  Then on the back of the card, write three nouns – they should be different types.
    1. Example
      1. Cleveland – Proper
      2. Desk – Common
      3. Love – Abstract


  1. Welcome students to class and do a quick spot check of their homework.
  2. Explain rules for first game
    1. We are going to go through the nouns you wrote on the back of your cards one at a time.
    2. When I tell you to “go”, you should walk to the section of the room that identities your noun.
      1. Example – iPhone –>Concrete
  3. After students have moved, go around and do a verbal spot check for 5 students
    1. “So, David.  You’re standing in the proper noun section – what was your word?”
  4. During game – show students that the same nouns can be in different sections by having them move to the different sections
  5. Have students sit down
  6. Using Google Slides, teach them new types of nouns
    1. Countable
    2. Uncountable
    3. Collective
    4. Compound
    5. Possessive
  7. Spend rest of class playing Mr. Oncay’s game
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